Professional Skills Certificates

Benefits of Earning a Certificate through Regis College

You will experience many of the same benefits of an advanced degree, but only in as little as six months, for around a third of the cost. We invite you to learn more about how a Regis College certificate can keep you updated on innovations and best practices, create additional opportunities with your current employer, and open new doors and opportunities.

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Developing New Managers

This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the dynamic world of management.

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Emotional Intelligence

Unleash the power of emotional intelligence, one of the keys to understanding and managing your own emotions

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Employee Motivation

In today's dynamic work environment, motivating employees is a crucial aspect of effective leadership and management.

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Interpersonal Skills

In an increasingly interconnected and collaborative world, the ability to communicate, build relationships, and influence others effectively is essential.

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Leadership and Influence

Leadership is about more than just holding a title; it's a dynamic social process that enables collective results.

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Supervising Others

Step into any leadership role with confidence and competence through this comprehensive online program designed to equip supervisors and aspiring leaders.

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Teamwork and Team Building

Teamwork is more than just working together; it's a social process that harnesses the collective capabilities of individuals to achieve extraordinary results.